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Memebers Most Join! [Sep. 12th, 2005|02:30 pm]
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2005|09:39 pm]
[Feeling |cheerfulcheerful]
[Listening to |Darren Hayes .popular]

woooh kay guys we got the commuinty started thanx to ness's help and all the other great makers please check it out and i'm still in need of more makers so if ur the person for the job comment here :D common poeple lets get the place packed with Members even if your not makers u need to be memeber to use the icons :D(please read rules before joining on the infor page)

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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2005|02:07 am]
[Feeling |bouncybouncy]
[Listening to |Journey to the past.Aaliyah]

Hey guys please check out my commuinty and if u are a good iconemaker and willing to help me out  please comment on the first entry on this page



If your willing to help i would be very thankful :D

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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|12:47 am]
[Feeling |coldcold]
[Listening to |Sugababes . Freak like me.]

Hey guys well i was bored and full of emotions so i just got a piece of paper and wrote down some crappy poems ... please don't steal and clame as urown but u can use them with credit but who would want to use or steal any of these lame ass poems...

I Need You


Is it too late to say i need you?

Please, come save me

I need you to help me see

The truth from bewteen all of these lies

Help me open up my eyes

Hold my hand, don't let me fall

into this deep hole

in the back of my head where my loast thoughts lie

Set whats left of my broken heart free

help me be what i need to be

Can't take another heart ache

can't take another lover who's fake

Now could you make me feel

what is for once real

I need you more then ever

i'm not ashamed to say it

i can finally face it

so take my heart

but i beg you don't break it




Falling in and out of love

is just another curse from above

Never thought i was good enough

just wanted something  that was pure

wanted someone to make me feel special

to Lift me up high

Never let me down

To take every single frown

and turn it upside down

But with broken wings how can a bird fly?

with a broken heart how can i not wish to die ?




Take it all away

Take all the pain

Leave me no shame

Can't take it anymore

it's smuthering me

blinding me from everything i see

Can't bare to see you

Don't want to remember what i thought would never be true







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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2005|04:56 pm]

Hey guys i know long time since i updated but her eare some test i toke mwahaha =D


You Are 20% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

Who's Your Daddy?
Your Daddy Is Dennis Rodman

What You Call Him: Big Daddy

Why You Love Him: He takes you to Disneyland

Your Hidden Talent
You have the power to persuade and influence others.
You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.
The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.
Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!

G is for Graceful
H is for Hardworking
A is for Amazing
D is for Dorky
A is for Alluring
haha the dorky part is right =D

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.






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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2005|04:22 pm]
[Feeling |numbnumb]

check this lyrics out amazing is what i think about it josh groban/when you say you love me

When you say you love me:

Like the sound of silence calling,
I hear your voice and suddenly
I'm falling, lost in a dream.
Like the echoes of our souls are meeting,
You say those words and my heart stops beating.
I wonder what it means.
What could it be that comes over me?
At times I can't move.
At times I can hardly breathe.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive

You're the one I've always thought of.
I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.
You're where I belong.
And when you're with me if I close my eyes,
There are times I swear I feel like I can fly
For a moment in time.
Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth ,
And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive

And this journey that we're on.
How far we've come and I celebrate every moment.
And when you say you love me,
That's all you have to say.
I'll always feel this way.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
In that moment,I know why I'm alive

When you say you love me.
When you say you love me.
Do you know how I love you?
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2005|01:33 pm]
[Feeling |angryangry]

FUCK ! could this day get any worse would someone tell me please could it get any worse cause i'm about to blow ! aaah
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2005|02:53 pm]
[Feeling |disappointeddisappointed]
[Listening to |Mariah Carey-through the rain]

hmm..time goes by slow found a dress for my aunts friend's wedding i like the dress alot greenish color as i am obessied about greem at the moment .talk about me being a total dreamer about everything in my life i know i shouldn't keep on dreaming cause then i'de fall flat on my face guess dreames are really the only thing someone could own just gets me down knowing they would never happen i am 100% they never would and i can't do anything about it. oh well what else can i say tomorrow i'm having a few girls over i'm short on cash don't know what i'm going to feed them lol...what else on talked to faye tried so hard to help her go thro the hell she's going through i always try to be there for her guess it's my dutty i am her best friend. just hope i can hold on till i go to camp i still have ten more days...then it's off to switzerland for a month . and i haven;t even bought my self some close don't know what i'm going to do.guess just walk around wearing a fake smile .
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2005|11:27 pm]
[Feeling |depresseddepressed]
[Listening to |Darren Hayes I creepen up on you]

let's say self esteem is down to zero right now i thank god for everything i have but i still feel like i'de walk around with my head in the ground whats wrong with me ? a qustion i keep on asking my self depressing words go through my head wanting something so bad but it's not likely to happen .noone might relate to what i'm saying but i just had to log in and just type or say whats burning in my chest for ages. all tho i act as if i don't care it still hurts alot of things actuelly hurt always wanting something kills u sometimes when u might never get it . who knows how much this depressing time would go on for .
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2005|05:38 am]
[Feeling |lazylazy]
[Listening to |mawrwan khoury [ba3dak ya hawa]]

hey guys check out some ava's i made =D u may use but credit please but i don't think anyone would want to use them they aren't that good =S








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